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Arizona Cactus For Sale
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Wholesale cactus for sale Easy To Grow! — Large selection of desert plants, palo verde trees, mesquite trees, succulents, cacti, mesquite beans, acacia, and agave for sale native to Northern Mexico and Arizona. These plants and succulents are hardy to 24 degrees F. with Low Water usage and will do well in USDA Zones 7b-11. The sculptural blue leaves of our Octopus Agave For Sale are a superlative succulent a fabulous feature for a dry climate desert garden. Whether in a large container or in the ground, this easy to grow Agave makes a bold statement and the mature plant has a flower that is quite spectacular. We have Nopales For Sale which is a spineless deep green cactus that is not a menace to passers by. It is extremely easy to grow and propagation is a cinch. Nopales cacti can be used as a beautiful fence like barrier and is also etible by humans, tortus, and erbavours. The flowers turn into red bulbs that taste like a fig. Many native American tribes turn it into a liqour after fermentation. Desert Plant Seeds For Sale We also have a large selection of seeds including, acacia, desert willow, palo verde, various cacti, succulents, and mesquite beans for sale that are easy to grow. Mesquite beans are also a great form of protein that is etible by human, animals. and birds. Ancient Native Americans used to grind the beans and make it into flower for tortillas and bread.

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Agave and Desert Plants For Sale
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This website was first established on the internet in 2004 in an effort to provide low priced cactus, desert plants, agave, acacia, and mesquite for sale. The lack of adequate information regarding where to find low cost trees and flowers for desert gardens can result in paying too much. Every day we plant new mesquite trees and desert plants to buy online. We have low prices on cat claw vines, desert willows, nopales, cacti, acacia, Arizona yellow bells, and other drought resistant plants that grow well in hot dry climates.

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